It’s about that time of year again! The leaves will be changing, and falling! The days are becoming shorter, nights are cooler! It’s time to do your fall clean up and get your property ready for the winter season.

When we think of fall clean up, first thing that comes to mind is raking and blowing leaves off your property. Main reason for this is it keeps your outdoor space clean, but it also is a good idea if you do not want to stain your walkway or patio. Another very important reason, which some may not know, is some leaves are acidic, and when wet, can kill your lawn if left piled up for too long.

And speaking of your lawn, once you’ve raked and blown the property clear of debris and leaves, it’s vital that you fertilize it. This will give the lawn and its roots a boost to grow in the Spring. This is also the best time for seeding, as the cooler weather prevents any weeds to grow.

You may also want to prune your trees and shrubs. It’s during this time of year when they begin to go into their dormant stage. Pruning will ensure that next year’s growth is healthy.

And remember to check your gutters and down spouts! Leaves can get inside clogging your draining system, creating a bad situation. You will definitely want to remove any debris inside them before the winter freeze.

Well, I hope these tips were helpful! Talk to you soon!

Michael L. Naclerio, Inc.

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