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So summer has been in full swing and it can be a challenging season with respect to keeping your lawn and landscape in check. The heat and humidity can really put a damper on plants, trees and lawns. Therefore, it’s essential to implement a good watering routine as well as visually monitoring your landscape.

Evaluate your lawn and plants and look for early signs of dehydration, which can come in the form of wilting. Plants and shrubs in need of TLC may also have yellowish or browning of leaves, a white puss-like film on branches, or stems keeling over. Lawns in need may have slow growth, brown, dry patches or curling of grass blades.

Of course the best way to keep your lawn and plants hydrated, healthy and looking their best is of course to water them. So here are a few helpful tips on the proper way to water during this hot season:

Water early in the morning. The morning is when its most cool, and allows for the water to run down into the soil, reaching the roots and leaving less water lost due to evaporation.

Water plants at the root, not the leaves. Not only can the leaves burn while the sun is out, but many disease need moisture to thrive.

Remove weeds. Weeds compete with water and nutrients. Consider a pesticide program to combat weeds.

Mulch planting beds. This will keep moisture in and keep weeds out.

Don’t let the summer heat get to you. There are viable solutions to keeping your plants and lawn healthy and beautiful all season long!

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