Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have timeless beauty combined with strength and durability.

We know what will work right and look great for you. Whether it is for structural or aesthetic purposes, your interlocking brick wall will be designed and built with precision.

As always, you can have confidence in our work, we stand behind what we do. We have the experience and the expertise so your retaining wall will be built right and built to last.

Finally, you have options: texture, size, shape and color. Built for erosion control or a plant bed, retaining walls add a touch of class to your landscape. Different stones have different applications and at Michael L. Naclerio, we know our stones.

Corners, curves, steps, stairs and terraces – you are no longer limited to what can be created. Once in, interlocking block walls are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

You see it everyday; it needs to be beautiful.