Hello everyone!

Well, winter has been upon us for a couple months now and we’ve been getting snow/ice storms on what seems to be a weekly basis. Lucky for us we aren’t in the Boston area, where they have gotten about 7 feet of snow! I guess we shouldn’t complain too much, huh?

While it may not be on everyone’s mind, now is a good time to start thinking about a disease that may be affecting your lawn right now. It’s called snow mold. It’s labeled as the first lawn disease of the year. Snow mold can infect just about any type of grass and is caused when there is an extended period of snow cover on the ground. After the snow melts, your lawn will appear to have circles and patches of dead matted grass that are yellow, gray or even pink (yes, it really has a pink color).

There are preventative measures you can take to avoid snow mold, which include following a pesticide program during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Winterizing your lawn in the Fall just before the first snowfall is key as well as mowing the lawn late in the season so the grass doesn’t lay over on itself and having a Fall clean up.

As temperatures rise with the approach of Spring, snow mold most likely goes away on its own. However, if you find this is not the case, you may need to rake the area carefully, apply a fungicide and/or reseed any bare spots.

Hope this was helpful!

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