Spring is here!

Well, folks, it’s finally spring and I’m sure a lot of you are beginning to think about bringing your yard back to life, so bring your “spring cleaning” outdoors!

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a good idea to start assessing your lawn.  During the winter, chemical changes can alter the soil’s pH and create the invasion of weeds.  That being said, it’s important that you remove any weeds or debris that may have accumulated over the winter.  Raking your lawn will help remove any matted dead grass or branches.

With the temperatures rising and the sun shining, some may want to begin fertilizing their lawns, but March is not the time for fertilizing.  You should typically wait until the lawn has grown in and has been mowed a few times.  It’s best to wait until April or May.

Early spring is also a popular time to seed your lawn.  You may want to put the seed down as soon as possible so the seed can germinate.  You can start by filling in bare or thin spots to encourage a thick lawn.  And most importantly, make sure to feed and water your lawn.  Grass that is fed and watered will be able to withstand periods of heat throughout the summer months.

I hope these quick tips help your grass get a fresh start this spring!


Michael L. Naclerio, Inc.

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