Commercial Maintenance

Quality Commercial Maintenance for your Business!

Michael L. Naclerio, Inc. offers quality Commercial Maintenance for your business' parking lot and/or surrounding area.

With over 25 years of service specializing in landscaping and design, MLN will provide your business with the following services:

  • Daily debris/garbage removal and sweeping of the lot or external business area.
  • Routine management of shrubs, grass and nearby plants.Further landscaping services can be arranged at request.
  • Routine quality and persistent snowplowing. Many landscapers fail at providing this efficiently: you can rest assured that we won't slack off like the competition.

Rockland's winters can be tough but you can be worry free by letting us plow your commercial parking lot. Unlike many of the competition in Rockland we won't decide not to come. The arrangements you make with us sticks. Our staff is also intelligent enough not to plow down your side walks or block parking spaces with snow mounds). We apply real world common sense to every job to ensure you get the best service possible.

Still not sure?

Selecting a company for commercial maintenance is a big deal and we understand that. Presently we have a number of commercial properties we maintain. But knowing that doesn't seal the deal. At Michael L. Naclerio, Inc. you'll find that honesty is our policy: we'll provide you with anything you need to make you to feel comfortable in making your decision.

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Please remember that commercial maintenance services are available for commercial businesses located in Bergen, Westchester or Rockland County. Typically a 12 month contract is utilized for commercial maintenance but feel free to contact the office for more information or to request specific accommodations.