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Spotting a deer used to be a rare sight to see.   Nowadays, deer can be seen right in our backyards.

The destruction of landscape plants by deer has become widespread in Rockland County.  Newly developed homes and commercial properties have greatly destroyed the habitats of these animals.  Because of this, deer have adapted to suburban life and their population has grown, which increases the demand for food.  Landscape plants now have become the primary source of food for deer and this has caused many problems for gardeners.

Realizing that no plant is deer proof, there are a few ways that you can avoid having deer destroy your garden.  One way may be to place deer repellants.  Deer repellants work through taste and scent.  This is effective because it can leave a foul taste in the deer’s mouth.  Also, alternate between different brands of deer repellant.  As the deer grow, they become accustomed to the taste of the repellant and it becomes less effective.

If you are starting a landscape design, you can choose plants that deer are less likely to eat, like those that have thorns or fuzz on them.  If you choose plants that deer are more likely to eat, then I suggest using a fence or additional protection to keep them from destroying your garden.

I know the increased population of deer has caused much aggravation for many gardeners, but if you keep these tips in mind I’m sure it will help with the success of your garden!


Michael L. Naclerio, Inc.

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