Hello again,

I’ve seen a lot of bad business practices aimed at deceiving the general public but one that strikes close to home is one involving drainage contractors. Have you ever called for an emergency estimate for a drainage job only to be bombarded with high prices and too much information? This is a growing trend in general contracting, friends.

In hopes of getting rush jobs many drainage contractors are going out of their way to come to customer’s homes with lots of equipment, corroded pipes, samples of drainage solutions, statistics, reports and readouts well beyond what’s called for. They attempt to scare the customer into making an even quicker decision in hopes that the customer will ignore their outrageous prices.

Sometimes they’ll even tell the customer of special deals they can get if only they hurry and make their decision. The truth? Our jobs are usually 30% to 40% less than their discounted rates! Not just saying this to advertise my company. Other companies are jacking up their prices for “emergency jobs.”

So please remember that while a problem may seem very real (and big) to you when it’s happening, it may not be as earth shattering as some drainage contractors make it out to be. Consider this next time before agreeing to anything!


Michael L. Naclerio, Inc.

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